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The Sisters Brothers by Patrick DeWitt

                              The Sisters Brothers

The Sisters Brothers, believe it or not, is about a pair of brothers. The narrative is told through the eyes of the youngest of the brothers, Eli. Eli and his brother, Charlie, are a pair of hired killers who have been sent on a mission to find a prospector who had reportedly stolen something from their employer, The Commodore.

This book has a great story to it. There are no flash twists at the end, and no intertwining stories going on, but it’s just an all round hilarious and adventurous story. The highlight for me was the contrast between the two brothers. Eli is heavy set guy with a fairly moral view, whereas Charlie is always drinking and gets on with his job without giving it two thoughts.

I also enjoyed the way the characters react to other characters throughout the book. There’s a bit where the brothers cross paths with a young boy waiting for his father, and I was literally laughing at loud with the way they were dealing with the situation. The poor young boy mentions a few times about how his head gets repeatedly knocked about for no reason.

There is also an element of romance in the book as well with Eli and a couple of young ladies he meets along his travels, and you really do feel a bit sympathetic for him because he only wants to be happy and his misfortune just seems to linger everywhere he goes.

As I mentioned beforehand, I really love the story, and I couldn’t put the book down. I felt totally involved on the adventure, as if I was riding my own horse with them. You have the perfect leading characters to create some drama, and the fact the story is set in 1851 during a gold rush also makes it easy for some excitement to be created.

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